December 11, 2019 I Next Gen Retailing I by Hayley Voorhees

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Four steps to take to stand out from the crowd.

December 11, 2019 I SWIM I by Liz Benoit Crew

Finding New Voices

Humans, we hear, are drawn to new and different things. Introducing change into one’s life can be transformative, bringing with it the hope for a better, more…

December 11, 2019 I The Marketing Guru I by Tracy Hoeft

Facebook Ad Secrets

Facebook wants to keep its users happy while still delivering as many ads as they can — they are serious about this! If you want to pay less and get better results, it’s time to prioritize relevance, and we are here to help.

December 11, 2019 I MI Publisher I by Frank Alkyer

Martin on succession

Like so many in this industry, Chris Martin, this month’s cover subject, is the owner-operator of a family business. And, like so many family businesses,…