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Korg Recovers
Stolen Cargo

During the summer, a cargo container of Korg products, worth more than $700,000, was stolen from a holding area after being received into the United States from an overseas delivery.

“After working with the police for several weeks, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the container would have to be taken as a loss on our books,” said Diana Cecchini, Korg vice president of finance. “We were especially disheartened by the prospect of disappointing our retail partners who had been patiently waiting for certain backordered items we had hoped to satisfy with this shipment.”

A month and a half after the stolen cargo was reported, Korg Warehouse Manager Michael DeLorenzo received a phone call from a New Jersey State Police cargo theft unit detective. The detective said he was involved in a sting operation targeting several individuals, who were allegedly trying to offload the contents of the container at a reduced cost. The detective asked for Korg’s assistance.

“Diana and I had visions of having to wear-bullet proof vests and carry a briefcase full of bait money for about a week,” DeLorenzo said.

FBI and New Jersey police successfully raided a warehouse full of stolen goods, including those belonging to Korg.

“Michael and I couldn’t believe that they recovered nearly all of our stolen products,” Cecchini said. “I’d like to commend both law enforcement agencies on the outstanding job they did for us and would also like to give a nod to our parent company, who responded to our dilemma by hastening to quickly build and send replacements for the stolen products as soon as they learned about the theft.” MI