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EK Blessing Partners with US B&O Supplies

US Band & Orchestra Supplies will become the exclusive sales agent for EK Blessing’s musical instruments. In addition, US Band will also perform the marketing for EK Blessing.

“This is a great opportunity for both companies,” said Randall Johnson, president of EK Blessing. “One of the reasons for our decision to partner with US Band was their depth of experience in sales and marketing. Their owner, Mark Ragin, and his team have an excellent reputation and many years of experience supplying music dealers with musical products. EK Blessing will continue to provide the same high-quality band instruments, and with US Band in charge of our sales and marketing, the results will be a benefit to our dealers and their customers.”

According to US Band & Orchestra Supplies President Mark Regin, both companies will be aided by Vincent McBryde, band industry veteran, to help them with manufacturing and marketing.

“We are very excited about this strategic alliance with EK Blessing,” Ragin said. “Our sales and marketing teams are thrilled to have this tremendous opportunity. Blessing has a track record of providing musical instruments for 102 years, so we feel confident in our partnership with them. By combining our unique strengths, Blessing and US Band will bring an excellent opportunity for our customers and us.”;