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Reinventing Dean

Guitar maker Dean Zelinsky unveiled his new company, DBZ Guitars, and the Web site on Aug. 26. The former Dean Guitars founder left that company on July 23.

“DBZ Guitars will have my personal control over design, direction and quality,” said Zelinsky, who will act as CEO of the company. The Web site currently offers a glimpse of the new guitar line and includes an online forum where Zelinsky will be interacting with his fans.

Zelinsky, who founded Dean Guitars in 1976 at 18, will introduce the new line of DBZ guitars in January 2009. According to Zelinsky, rare, exotic woods, laser technology and proprietary graphics applications will be part of DBZ Guitars’ new look.

Zelinsky has also partnered with Diamond Amplification owner Jeff Diamant, who will serve as president and COO of DBZ Guitar, and Diamant’s Texas partner Terry Martin.

“We are bringing a radical approach to every aspect of DBZ Guitars — guitar design, marketing, advertising and distribution — while retaining traditional and elegant styling and feel,” Zelinsky said. “The technology available today is being way under-utilized. This industry is stuck in the Dark Ages — it needs another shot in the arm.”

DBZ Guitars will be offering distributor exclusives worldwide on U.S.-made custom and high-end guitars, and a full range of lower-price-point guitars (electrics, acoustics and basses) to fit various levels of talent and budget.;