May 31, 2023 I Supply

Theo Wanne HQ Burglarized, Offers Reward for Stolen Horns

Theo Wanne’s headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, were burglarized last week, and the company lost a number of rare and vintage saxophones from Wanne’s collection. A reward has been offered by Theo Wanne for anyone who helps the company successfully recover one of its horns.

The stolen horns are listed below:

Conn 4m Curved Soprano (Silver Plate) - Serial 236286
Conn F Mezzo Soprano - Serial 219320
Conn Transitional Alto (Gold Plate) - Serial 243xxx
Dolnet Series II Tenor (Silver Plate) - Serial 27859
King Zephyr Special Alto - Serial 209753
Martin Handcraft Imperial Tenor - Serial 112822
Martin Centennial Tenor (Gold Plate) - Serial 140517
Selmer Balanced Action Tenor (Silver Plate) - Serial 31558
Selmer Mk VI Tenor (Lacquer. US Engraved) - Serial 56556
Selmer Model 26 Curved Soprano - Serial 7198
Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor (Lacquer) - Serial 39608
Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor (Lacquer) - Serial 37996
Selmer Super Soprano (Silver Plate) - Serial 12895
Yamaha Atelier Tenor (Dark Vintage Lacquer) - Serial F29631

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