August 26, 2022 I Retail

Sweetwater Publishing Grows its Catalog

Sweetwater Publishing has announced its sixth e-book: “Innovative Techniques for Pro Tools.” The e-book covers more than 100 practical tips to get the most out of Pro Tools versions, from artist to ultimate. The downloadable package includes the 236-page e-book in PDF format, over 80 audio examples and “learn-by-doing” session, track preset and effects files. Readers can load the files into Pro Tools, and follow along with lessons presented in the e-book for a hands-on experience not available with instructional videos or conventional books.

Sweetwater Publishing products treat e-books like software. Titles are updated regularly, and owners of the books receive free updates and discounts on new editions. Furthermore, readers can contribute suggestions for future updates and have questions answered about the various tips in the official Sweetwater Publishing Discussion Forum at For the first time, writing technology-oriented books has become an interactive experience with a book’s readers. All eBooks are written by musician Craig Anderton.

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