January 12, 2021 I Distribution

Sweetwater & Music Tribe Enter Partnership

Sweetwater CEO Chuck Surack and Music Tribe CEO Uli Behringer have announced entering what a statement from Sweetwater describes as a “strategic relationship.” According to the statement, the focus of the relationship is to “deliver a customer experience with unique collaborative opportunities to realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education, and a unique collaboration to seek to ensure that all products are always in stock and available.”

“This unique opportunity as a super partner with Music Tribe fits neatly into our vision and enhances our ability to serve our customers’ needs,” Surack said. “With this factory-direct relationship, we expect that in the near future our customers will experience a noticeable increase in availability of Music Tribe products. In addition to carrying over 1,000 Music Tribe products, we are delighted to provide best-in-class technical support and service for our customers.”

Behringer indicated Starin’s departure from pro-audio distribution late last year was a factor. “Music Tribe had to reinvent its go-to-market strategy and it became obvious that the best customer experience would be best generated by completely separating the retail from the enterprise business,” he said. “With this new setup, all our retail products will now go through e-commerce channels, while we’re in the process of setting up dedicated distributors for the install as well as live and tour sound enterprise market who will continue to serve all our valued integrators and contractors.”


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