April 15, 2022 I Retail

Russo Music Recycles 81K Strings Through Playback

Russo Music's string recycling box

In 2016, D’Addario launched Playback, a string-recycling program that partnered with global recycling organization Terracycle. Since the launch, the Playback program has recycled over 8 million instrument strings. Part of what makes this a successful program is the support from several dealers around the country, including Russo Music of the New Jersey and Philadelphia regions. Russo Music has been a member of the Playback program since the beginning and has now recycled a total of 81,020 strings in 42 shipments. Russo Music has become one of Playback’s leading dealer participants in the program.

Scott Engel, director of sales and marketing at Russo Music, said he considers himself a “chronic recycler.” But, Engel added, “The status quo isn’t going to change unless we put in the effort. So if it’s zero effort and might be better, why not just do it?”

Engel also explained that the repair shops have gamified the program between the three stores by creating an internal competition to see who has the most strings in weight.

By the end of 2022, D’Addario said it hopes the program reaches 10 million recycled strings.

To get your dealership involved in the program, click here.

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