September 03, 2020 I Coronavirus

RMI Develops Band Instrument Disinfection Process

The band instrument disinfection process in action.

Retail Music Integration has announced the implementation of a clinically verified and validated germicidal cleaning process for band instruments to be used by their companies. These procedures were conceived and intended to exceed the National Association for Music Education guidelines.

RMI has developed a high-grade multi-level disinfecting process for the music industry. This process has been clinically tested and proven to remove up to 99.3% of all biofilm off of instrument surfaces and has also been proven to leave the instruments 100% COVID-19-free.

RentMyInstrument and B.A.C. Music Center of Kansas City implemented a multi-step germicidal procedure, which includes operating a hospital-grade UVC germicidal machine manufactured by American Ultraviolet Company in tandem with hospital-grade hypochlorous acid (danolyte). This process provides a touchless solution by executing the final steps after being sealed in a polytetrafluoroethylene plastic bag.

In the report published by Arise Diagnostics, it was concluded that, “The RMI-disinfection process is a highly-effective process, successful in removing biofilms, bacteria and graduating musical instruments void of SARS-COV-2, i.e., to be free of COVID-19.” The report goes on to say, “The verification and validation of the effectiveness of the RMI-disinfection process demonstrates and sets an industry standard.”

The summary observations of the RMI Disinfection process from Arise Diagnostics are as follows:

  • It’s effective in cleaning and removing biofilms as tested through surface adenosine triphosphate testing of musical instrument keys, body, bell, pads and mouthpieces.
  • It’s highly effective in disinfection through microbial gram stain testing as analyzed by a scientific bio-analytical laboratory called Eurofins Scientific.
  • It’s effective in achieving a COVID-19-free status for the musical instruments that completed the multi-step process, as confirmed through polymerase-chain reaction by Eurofins Scientific.
  • It’s effective in cleaning the surfaces, such as keys, body, bell, pads and mouthpieces, of used musical instruments to be as clean as the same surfaces of brand new musical instruments.

More details on the UVC process can be found here.

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