November 01, 2021 I Supply

PRS Rebrands Amp Line

PRS's HDRX 100 and the 2x12 Cabinet

PRS Guitars has rebranded its newest amplifier: the HDRX. Introduced earlier this year as the HX, the HDRX amps were recently renamed as a result of a conflicting trademark with Yamaha Guitar Group’s Line 6 HX stomp boxes.

“After exploring our options, we have decided to rebrand our HX amplifiers as HDRX amps. It was important for us to keep the Hendrix Touring Circuit that we recently documented at the forefront of this amplifier, and we feel this new name does that while providing the necessary separation from Line 6’s product,” said Jack Higginbotham, COO of PRS Guitars. “Our conversations with Yamaha Guitar Group on this have been professional and productive – a true reflection of why I enjoy the music manufacturing industry so much.”

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