June 24, 2024 I Partnership

PRS Guitars Teams with Warm Audio’s Warm Studios

PRS Guitars has announced significant gear placement in Warm Audio Studios in Austin, Texas. The 3,550-square-foot facility will now be home to half a dozen PRS guitars, offering musicians and engineers a “new flavor” to choose from.

“We are excited to support Warm Audio’s mission of providing musicians with access to a quality recording experience,” said Bev Fowler, PRS Guitars Director of Artist and Community Relations. “Austin has an incredible, vibrant community of artists, and we are proud to provide these artists with access to PRS instruments and to help them bring their music to life.”

The PRS guitars that can now be found at the studio include: the PRS Silver Sky, PRS Custom 24, PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut, PRS NF 53 and the PRS S2 Vela.

“Warm Studios is a world-class facility built for the purpose of ‘wowing’ musicians,” said Bryce Young, Warm Audio & Warm Studios founder and president. “It’s a unique space in the modern studio world because it provides a plethora of the best music making tools but with a mission to be accessible to everyday musicians. Being able to offer a full array of PRS guitars is right in line with the experience we want to provide. Paul and his team at PRS have made and continue to make a lasting impact on the industry while keeping their own musical and innovative spirit alive. I could not think of a better fit for Warm Studios.”

warmaudio.com; prsguitars.com

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