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Pearl River Announces 2021 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition Winners

A contestant from Australia performs in the 2021 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition.

The 2021 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition concluded on Nov. 15 and involved eight overseas regional representatives for the Grand Finals Overseas Group, with over 2,000 participants from Singapore, China, Philippines, the U.S., Australia, Ecuador, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Entered for the first time, contestants from Chicago, Tacoma, Washington, and Irvine, California, responded with great enthusiasm, according to a company statement. The U.S. regional auditions were jointly organized by Skelley Piano, Grand Piano Haus and Opus 119 The School of Music, with Jayden Yeung from Irvine, California, representing the U.S. in the Grand Finals Overseas Group.

The Overseas Group auditions broke new records with more than 2,000 artists involved. According to a company statement, “The tremendous support from teachers, students and regional dealers all over the world paved the way for higher development to deserving young talents, and under the global sponsorship of Pearl River Piano Group, continues to expand the influence of piano education globally. Our sincere thanks to all our partners for making 2021 another great success!”

The Grand Prize Winners were as follows:

For Open Category:
First Prize - Yi Zheng Cai (age 28), Brisbane, Australia
Second Prize - Yim Cho Ting (age 17), Hong Kong, China
Third Prize - Wilson Matthew Jogi Lincoln (age 18), Jakarta, Indonesia.

For Student Category:
First Prize - Jayden Yeung (age 16), Irvine, California, USA
Second Prize - Shuen Tsz Ying (age 14), Hong Kong, China
Third Prize - Estelle Goh (age 14), Singapore

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