November 22, 2021 I Operations

Nordic Shells Celebrates One Year in Expanded Facility

The new facility tripled its original square footage.

Nordic Shells is celebrating its one-year anniversary in its expanded manufacturing facility. The move tripled the shop’s square footage, letting the company increase its inventory, refine its production process and expand its product line offerings.

“Going from 4,000 square feet to nearly 12,000 square feet was a turning point for our company,” said Dave West, president of Nordic Shells. The expanded facility allowed Nordic to purchase an additional 11 custom presses late last year. In June, the company released True and Heritage Series shells in 8-, 15- and 26-inch sizes, followed by maple 6- and 8-ply reinforcement rings earlier this fall.

“Not only were we able to take our product lines to the next level, but the extra space allowed us to elevate every aspect of our process in order to deliver on our premium-quality promise,” West said. In the new facility, a humidification system maintains optimal humidity levels in the sealed veneer room, a dedicated raw material sorting and storage area allows for higher quality control on incoming veneer, and extra departmental space has improved speed and organization in daily workflows.

Nordic’s newest launch is the True Series Bass Drum Hoops. “Offering six species of premium-grade hoops as a standard product option is unheard of for the industry, and is just one more way Nordic is paving the way for the future of drum shell building,” West said. “We really try to listen to what our clients are asking for and come up with unique ways to deliver for the industry. This new hoop series has been highly anticipated, and we expect a rush in the coming weeks for the holidays.”

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