January 24, 2023 I Appointments

NAMM Adds 8 New Board Members

Top line, from left: Sam Ash Music's Ben Ash; D’Addario's Lance Day; Faust Harrison Pianos' Josh Faust; and Guitar Center's Ron Japinga. Bottom line, from left: Buffet Crampon's Francois Kloc; Saied Music Co.'s Kim Koch; Sabian's Stacey Montgomery-Clark; and Henry W. Phillips Company's Marcus Myers.

On Jan. 24, during NAMM’s annual Meeting of Members, eight new board members were elected to the organization’s board of directors. Each board member will serve a three-year term and provide oversight, input and direction to the organization.

New members to the board include: Ben Ash, content marketing manager of Sam Ash Music; Lance Day, territory sales manager at D’Addario; Josh Faust, CEO of Faust Harrison Pianos; Ron Japinga, CEO of Guitar Center; Francois Kloc, president and CEO of Buffet Crampon; Kim Koch, vice president of Saied Music Co.; Stacey Montgomery-Clark, Sabian’s vice president of sales and marketing; and Marcus Myers, principal owner of Henry W. Phillips Company.

“Each of the eight new board members represents an important voice and perspective that will serve to strengthen our industry’s future,” said Joel Menchey, NAMM Board of Directors Chair. “We are deeply grateful for their willingness to serve and help advance our collective mission of creating a more musical world.”

The meeting also celebrated the service, leadership and contributions of the outgoing members of the board, including Schmitt Music Company’s Robert Baker, Ernie Ball’s Brian Balll, San Diego Music Studio’s Kimberly Deverell, Cream City Music’s Brian Douglas, Hal Leonard’s Doug Lady, Peter E. Schmitt Co.’s Bryan Ottens, Brass Bell Music’s Tristann Rieck and Dansr’s Gary Winder.

“On behalf of all NAMM member companies, we offer our gratitude to our eight outgoing board members for their unwavering service and steadfast commitment to our industry,” Menchey said.


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