April 12, 2021 I Supply

Muzie.Live Announces Updates to its Virtual Music Studio Lesson Software

Muzie.Live, a virtual music studio for online, hybrid and in-person lessons, has announced two new features: Clips and Multicam.

A potential solution for hosting, practicing and recording music lessons, Muzie.Live’s new Clips function is the company’s answer to duetting virtually. With Clips, music teachers can record up to two minutes at a time and instantly share that recording with their students, who can then play over the teacher’s performance live during a lesson. Clips are saved for students to practice with during the week or to be reused with other students.

“With our new Clips feature, we are excited to fix the internet lag issues that students and teachers experience while trying to duet over common video conferencing platforms,” said Sam Reti, founder of Muzie.Live. “Using Clips, you can make a play-along or backing track during a lesson that allows the student to immediately play over as if they were playing a duet.”

Using the new Multicam feature, teachers can now stream two video feeds at the same time and can either access a second USB camera or, if using a wireless smart device, a third-party app such as Epoccam, allowing them to turn the device into wireless webcam.

“With Multicam, students and teachers can now have multiple camera angles at the same time,” Reti said. “This is perfect for instruments that may be too big to fit in a single frame, such a cello or bass.”


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