January 24, 2020 I Supply

Martin Debuts SC-13E

From left: Martin Guitars Vice President of Product Management Fred Greene, guitarist Angela Petrilli, Martin Guitars CEO Chris Martin, Martin Guitars International Instrument Design Manager Rameen Shayegan

Jan. 15 press preview at The NAMM Show; cutting the conference room lights to feature the guitar in a performance of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” by Rameen Shayegan, international instrument design manager at Martin, and guitarist Angela Petrilli.

The SC-13E has an offset body shape designed around a cutaway that swoops downward from the neck, allowing guitarists access to every fret.

“Two of my favorite features of the SC-13E are the helix neck and the linear dovetail neck joint that allows you to really get down and dig at those notes you never thought you could reach on an acoustic guitar,” Petrilli said in sharing the instrument on Instagram yesterday.

In kicking off the preview, Chris Martin, chairman and CEO of Martin Guitars, and chairman of NAMM, noted we’re in an election year and spoke of collaborating with David Crosby on the company’s D-16E Rock the Vote Special Edition guitar, which features artwork depicting Crosby alongside text encouraging people to vote. “That’s it. That’s the message,” he said. “Make sure you’re registered to vote and make sure you vote. We’re not telling you how to vote, just asking you to vote.”

Martin is also introducing a suite of upgraded X Series guitars, a 12-fret nylon string guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, 16 Series models, Modern Deluxe series models with electronics, a limited edition D-18E 2020 and the fourth in a series of Purple Martin models at The NAMM Show.


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