February 04, 2022 I Distribution

Lyon & Healy Adds 2 Lines, Ends Distribution of Relish Guitars

Lyon & Healy Corporation has announced that Red Sound and Marconi Labs, both boutique manufacturers based in Italy, will hand over the reins of their North American distribution to the company.

“These brands were just the type of additions we were looking for to add year-over-year growth once again in 2022,” said Massimo Dolce, chief operating officer of Lyon & Healy Corporation. “Marconi’s new Ego model, of which we will have four exclusive North American models, and will be doing a full North American product launch later this year, is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with in the growing world of guitars that feature the latest in technology. They are amazing. The guitar company, celebrating their 20th year of making handmade instruments, boasts both Apple AirTag and NFC tracking technology. They can be pinpointed on a map by the owner in real time, helping them relax knowing that their guitars are safe and sound where they belong.”

Red Sound, known for its high-end audio speakers and cabinets, has also decided to join Lyon & Healy Corporation’s arsenal of brands. Lyon & Healy Corporation will distribute the FR/FR Elis.8 and MF.10 and the newly redesigned lightweight GR/FR LG12-SE cabinets featuring Red Sound’s RAW-P system guaranteeing the maximum value of sound pressure level. The cabinets’ exponential driver and the custom Red Sound woofers are assembled in a coaxial driver configuration, eliminating phase problems in the front panel and guaranteeing a single emission point.

“As a player of both vintage tube amps, and amp profilers, I have been using Red Sound FR/ FR stereo speakers personally on stage and in the studio, and could not be happier that they have joined our team,” said Emal Noor, Lyon & Healy Corporation’s sales director. “They just sound great, are indestructible and I know musicians will really appreciate the versatility that the stereo bundles in the Elis.8 & MF.10 will offer them.”

As of Feb. 5, Lyon & Healy Corporation decided to end its long-time distribution of Relish Swiss Premium Guitars.

“It was a tough decision to leave a brand that we helped get off the ground so many NAMMs ago in 2016,” Dolce said.


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