January 16, 2023 I Obituary

Konig & Meyer’s Martin Konig Passes Away

Martin Konig

Martin Konig, managing partner of Konig & Meyer, has passed away, a few days ahead of his 87th birthday.

Martin Konig remained a managing partner of Konig & Meyer until his death. He joined the Konig & Meyer company, founded by his father Karl Konig and Erich Meyer in Wertheim, Germany, in 1950. Martin initially completed an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, before going to university in Mannheim, Germany, where he studied mechanical engineering from 1957–1961. After his graduation, he initially worked for the companies Philipps and BASF.

In 1965, he rejoined Konig & Meyer as general manager. Following his father’s untimely death in 1967, he became joint CEO of the company. Together with Erich Meyer, he continued to build the business and to steadily expand its product selection, workforce and production facilities. A company statement shared that Martin was particularly interested in the development of products, the improvement of the production processes, as well as the modernization and expansion of production capacities. He was involved in the development of numerous innovations in the musical instrument space, many of which were patented. Typical examples are the classic music stand 101 or the microphone stand 210/2, as well as instrument stands that can be stored inside the bell or a ring lock mechanism for stabilizing speakers.

A company statement went on to share that Martin always promoted team spirit, the human touch and a good, open corporate culture.

Martin was also one of the founding members and a member of the executive board of the National Association of German Musical Instruments Manufacturers (BDMH) and kept his finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the industry as a member of the Musikmesse trade exhibition advisory board. In April 2015, he was awarded the “MIPA Lifetime Achievement Award” in honor of a lifetime dedicated to the music industry.


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