November 22, 2023 I Partnership

Hohner Harmonica, Jamzone Partner

Hohner Harmonica has announced its partnership with Jamzone, a music education and performance app. Hohner Harmonica will provide a 30-day, free-access voucher for the premium level of Jamzone with every purchase of any Hohner harmonica. This is in addition to the existing 30 days of free online lessons Hohner offers with the purchase of each Hohner harmonica.

Jamzone users can enjoy songs spanning a wide range of genres, playable on any instrument. The app offers chord simplification and songs are customizable to suit any key. Musicians can solo and mute instrument tracks, adjust tempo, control pitch and loop song sections to help improve playing. Diatonic harmonica players will particularly appreciate the option to transpose any song to match the key of their harmonica.

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