December 19, 2022 I Acquisition

Heritage Audio Acquires Rights to Lang Electronics

Heritage Audio has acquired the rights to Lang Electronics — an audio equipment brand originally from New York and popular in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Lang Electronics started out providing enhanced replacement parts and modifications to improve the performance and reliability of other well-known audio processors and recorders used in the broadcast and recording industries at the time. Eventually, the company began supplying complete audio systems and designing equipment of its own.

Heritage Audio said in a statement that “it is intent on offering professional, high-quality equipment at amazing value, a philosophy that’s somewhat similar to what Lang Electronics, Inc. built its reputation on back in the day. It is all the more fitting, then, that the European pro-audio manufacturer has acquired the rights to that historic audio equipment brand. But more exciting still, the first product to be produced by Heritage Audio after this well-intentioned acquisition will be the Lang PEQ-2. As a brand-new piece at a price that will put it within reach of most musicians and engineers, it will, without doubt, provide problem-free access to some of the sweetest-sounding tones and textures the industry has ever heard.”

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