December 28, 2020 I Supply

GEWA Purchases Ovation Guitars

Gewa Music has purchased Ovation Guitars from Drum Workshop. The Adamas and Applause guitar brands are also included in the purchase.

Since 2015, Gewa had exclusive Ovation distribution rights throughout Europe and soon after, began developing proprietary Ovation designs for the European market. Gewa’s history of manufacturing and distributing stringed instruments has been an asset to the legacy brands.

Moving forward, Ovation’s New Hartford, Connecticut-based Custom Shop will focus on manufacturing high-quality Adamas models. These hand-built instruments will be available for viewing directly on the Ovation website and will be available for purchase through the brands’ worldwide network of Ovation Plus Retailers.

“We look forward to using our knowledge and expertise in the guitar field to link new ideas and concepts with one of the most legendary guitar brands of the 1970s and 1980s,” said Hans-Peter Messner, president and CEO of Gewa. “We are already working on the implementation of several ideas that will soon be presented to our worldwide Ovation fans and trade partners. No other guitar brand has shaped the sound of the 1970s and 1980s like Ovation. It is a very special challenge to continue the legendary story that began with Charles Kaman’s vision. We dedicate ourselves to this with a lot of enthusiasm! We would like to thank Drum Workshop for the fair and open discussions and the good cooperation over the past years.”

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