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Genelec Names 2021 AES Educational Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Aizhou (Amy) Liu

Genelec had congratulated the recipients of two scholarships awarded in association with the AES. Aizhou (Amy) Liu has been announced as the recipient of the inaugural Genelec Mike Chafee Audio Pioneering Scholarship, and Gregor McWilliam has been announced as the recipient of the third Genelec Dr. Ilpo Martikainen Audio Visionary Scholarship.

Chafee Scholarship recipient Aizhou (Amy) Liu is currently a student at NYU’s Steinhardt School. She studied at Berklee from 2016-2019, majoring in Contemporary Writing & Production, graduated Magna Cum Laude and was twice the recipient of the Berklee Achievement Award.

“It is truly an honor to be chosen for the prestigious Genelec Mike Chafee Audio Pioneering Scholarship,” she said. “I am thrilled to continue to grow as an audio engineer and music technologist for the remainder of my education at NYU Steinhardt. I look to combine cutting-edge technology with my creative and composing background. I am excited to become a leader in the audio community and to empower other women through my work.”

Martikainen Scholarship recipient Gregor McWilliam is also currently a student at NYU, where he is a graduate student in the University’s Music Technology program, with specializations in software engineering, spatial audio, and digital signal processing. He is also currently interning at MediaTek, a leading semiconductor company whose U.S. operations are based in San Jose. His primary responsibilities there include the research and integration of new software modules for MediaTek-powered IoT devices, as well as the development of signal analysis tools through which the performance of IoT devices can be tested.

“I’m delighted to have been awarded Genelec’s Dr. Ilpo Martikainen Audio Visionary Scholarship,” he said “He was such a pioneering figure in the realms of audio technology, and I know first-hand the ways in which the company he founded has supported engineers and creators worldwide, drawing an impassioned following in the process. This award, established in his memory, will no doubt provide a platform for future innovators seeking to build the next generation of audio technologies.

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