April 05, 2021 I Retail

Fusioner.com Launches Simple Way to Buy, Sell Instruments

Fusioner is a new online selling platform for musical instruments that claims to cut out logistical and fulfillment headaches by providing operational services to musicians and small businesses that are often reserved for larger retailers. This is achieved through its Fusioner Integrated Solutions services, which sync with users’ backend systems and create a multi-platform logistical and fulfillment solution. Though these features are not required, they’re available to every seller on the platform. FIS services include: inbound logistics, warehousing, inventory management, picking/packing, shipping, third-party fulfillment and more. Another feature of Fusioner distinguishing it from other selling platforms is its fee structure. For a limited time, Fusioner is offering zero listing fees with the goal to maximize sellers’ net profit by keeping fee costs aggressive for as long as possible and helping build sustainable business relationships. The platform is free to sign up.


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