November 15, 2022 I Supply

Fender, Brixton Collab on Line to Celebrate 60 Years of Jaguar

Southern California-based lifestyle brand Brixton has launching a limited-edition collection in collaboration with Fender to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar guitar. The Brixton & Fender: The 60th Anniversary Jaguar Guitar Collection marks the third partnership for the two brands, features 12 new unisex pieces, including Brixton’s famed flannels, graphic tees, hoodies, fedora, beanies and more — all commemorating the style of artists from the past who have helped to shape today’s music scene.

The Jaguar’s unique shape and high-visibility chrome details served as inspiration for Brixton’s design team. All of the collection’s product names are derived from elements of the guitar’s features, including the Jaguar logo tee and corduroy hat that mirror the guitar’s angular look, while the pop-color pick pockets featured inside the hats are meant to mimic its chrome accents.

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