July 11, 2022 I Philanthropy

D’Addario Foundation Announces 12 Scholarship Recipients

A few of the D'Addario Foundation's College Scholarship Program recipients: Jennifer Calderon (left), Maria-Simone Williams (top), Carla Salas (bottom) and Allen Bryant (right).

The D’Addario Foundation is pleased to announce 12 students in its 2022 class of D’Addario Foundation College Scholarship Program recipients.

After participating in robust community music programs, such as OrchKids, Play on Philly and Laby Harmony Project for 10 years on-average, each student is graduating and advancing onto the next chapter. Of the 12 recipients, 10 students are the first generation in their families to attend college.

In 2018, the D’Addario Foundation established this fund to support the distribution of merit and need-based scholarships to socio-economically disadvantaged youth who have studied music in D’Addario Foundation-grantee organizations for multiple years, show great promise, but lack the resources to attend college or trade school after high school. The D’Addario Foundation College Scholarship Program now serves four cohorts of 43 students. Of these students, 35 are the first generation in their families to attend college.

Carla Salas, a 2022 D’Addario Foundation Scholarship recipient from long-time grantee New City Kids, reflected on the impact of participating in this program by saying: “New City Kids picks up people who don’t have much all around our community. They give us a voice and make us feel important. They go out and search for those people in need. You honestly feel loved and cared for. If it wasn’t for New City, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, wouldn’t be hanging around with the right crew, and wouldn’t be focusing much on my future. But because of them, I’m actually going to go to college and study something that I love. I’m going to be the first one in my whole family to ever go to college.”


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