May 09, 2022 I Supply

Apex’s New Website Offers Easy Navigation

Apex Electronics has launched a new website,, featuring a sleek look and allowing for easy navigation through the Apex current catalog of microphones, headphones and accessories.

According to Apex, the website draws inspiration from the recent shift in how mics and headphones are used.

“When we launched our first Apex site, podcasting, video conferencing for work and home recording were not viable applications for everyone — or even established uses at the time. The new site makes finding the best product for a specialty application quicker and easier,” said Jeff Cowling, Yorkville Sound’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The new site helps the end-user quickly navigate to the solution they’re looking for, even if they’re not familiar with the product line.

“They can search by application to see what we have to offer in the areas of stage, studio and specialty applications within one or two clicks,” Cowling explained.

The Apex product line remains grounded in studio and stage gear, however, Cowling encourages professional and project sound enthusiasts to dig deeper into the site. “Prepare to be surprised. You’ll find our HP-BT1 Bluetooth earbuds and our MEGAUSB megaphone among our world-class mics and headphones.”

The site was designed entirely in-house by Yorkville Sound and falls in with a recent re-branding of key Apex microphones.

“We’re going for a unified look among all of our Apex boxes, and we designed the site to be part of that story,” said Paul Silliphant, Yorkville Sound’s graphic designer. “If you’re several feet away from the mic shelf at your local store, you’ll be able to tell which boxes are Apex.”

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