November 10, 2020 I Supply

AKM’s Nobeoka City, Japan, Factory Suffers Major Damage from Fire

The damaged AKM factory

Japanese media outlets have reported that there was a significant fire at the Asahi Kasei Microsystem (AKM) factory in Nobeoka City, Japan, at the end of October and beginning of November. The fire burned for over two days, reportedly, and caused damage to several levels of the building.

AKM is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world thanks to its IC components, which are used by many hi-fi and cinema stereo system companies. The Nobeoka plant is responsible for DAC and ADC products.

The company has noted that the following DAC Chips have been impacted: AK4332, AK4331, AK4432, AK4382, AK4385, AK4373, AK4396, AK4431, AK4456, AK4490, AK4493, AK4495 series. The following have been listed as potentially impacted: AK5384, AK5385, AK5386, AK5397, AK5534 series.

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