Pioneer DJ's Jay Brannan demonstrates the company's newest gear.

March 24, 2021 I Convention

Just Scratching the Surface

By Katie Kailus

In mid-March 2020, as pandemic lockdowns began to set in, DJs were some of the first performers to take their skills online and livestream concerts from home. More than a year later, that trend has continued, and a few of latest products released by DJ suppliers during NAMM’s

Believe in Music Week reflect just that.

Roland’s new Verselab MV-1 is a song-creation device designed for DJs looking to get into song making. “You can do everything with it since it features a built-in mic and radio-friendly sound quality right off the bat,” said Daniel Lee, Roland product manager. “Plus, the ability to connect to a computer, power off USB and a phone battery bank make it possible to create music anywhere — from the park to your living room.”

For those looking to take their scratch skills to the next level, Pioneer DJ launched its DJM-S7, a two-channel battle mixer offering DJs the freedom of a customizable setup and coming in at a lower price point than the company’s S11.

“It’s been a real disrupter,” said Jay Brannan, Pioneer DJ product specialist. “People have been saying, ‘I wanted this and now I can get it and save $600.’ So, the marketplace is very charged up about the S7.”

On the lighting side, which relies a little more heavily on in-person performances, Chauvet Lighting’s Geoff Short said he believes trends that were growing before the pandemic will continue to grow after, including the move towards compact, lightweight and battery-powered lights.

“Our users have presented streaming dance sets, house concerts, education content and more from their bedrooms, basements and garages,” Short said. “With the emphasis on online streaming, our products like the Eve line of warm white and RGB wash pars are silent and flicker-free [making them] great for video.” MI

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