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January 09, 2020 I Profile

Audio Excellence

By Kasia White

This year, Sennheiser is celebrating an important milestone — 75 years of innovation. To commemorate this special occasion, the Wedemark, Germany-based audio manufacturer is officially kicking off its year-long anniversary celebration at The NAMM Show, occurring January 16-19, in Anaheim, California.

“That’s one of the biggest things you’ll see from Sennheiser in 2020. We’ll be celebrating the legacy of all the exceptional tools we’ve brought into the market, whether it’s shotgun microphones or wireless microphone systems we pioneered back in the late ’50s,” said Kevin Waehner, commercial manager of professional audio at Sennheiser. “We’ll be telling a lot of stories about our history, which has been lost or forgotten at this point. At the show, we’re going to have an area [at our booth] to celebrate the history and some of the milestones. We’ll pull some of our classic products to tell the story.”

Sennheiser celebrates 75 years

While there are no plans for an anniversary party in Anaheim, end-users and retailers should expect to see promotions on Sennheiser gear beginning in February.

“They’ll see deals and offers on some of our favorite stuff,” Weahner said. “We’ll be engaging with dealers and getting prepared for that right after the show.”

Although Waehner wouldn’t reveal specific details, he did say the deals will cover all the core bases that Sennheiser is known for, both in the MI and in the professional space, including headphones, wired microphones and wireless systems.

“This is going to be a really interesting year given that we’re celebrating 75 years, and we have a lot of dealer activities planned. For dealers that come to the show, there’ll be a lot of great discussions, and we’ll have a lot of opportunities to plan the year out to have some great mutual success,” Waehner added. “We want it to be fun for the end-user, but we want it to be fun for dealers, too. This is such an exciting, passion-filled industry, and we’re so fortunate to be able to make music, that the goal here is to make sure that everybody has a little fun with what we’re doing.”

Audio Solutions

When it comes to new product preview at the show, Sennheiser will be showcasing a four-piece collection of top-of-the-line, dynamic, wired mics and matching wireless capsules.

“There’ll be an e935 Platinum and an e945 Platinum, and there’ll be associated wireless capsules for both models that you can put on everything from your Evolution wireless systems to your top-of-the-line Digital 6000 or Digital 9000 systems,” Waehner said. “What we’re trying to do [with this series], and one of the trends we’ve seen with production, is that shows are getting more complicated and there is a greater and more pressing need for great-sounding acoustic capsules that offer really high levels of rejection against feedback. That’s something you’ll see us bring to the market at The NAMM Show.”

Waehner will also highlight the company’s new firmware update for the Digital 6000 series called link density mode.

“We’ve created a new mode that allows the wireless frequencies that the wireless systems operate on to be spaced twice as tight as before. So what that means for an end-user is that when you activate it, it allows you to squeeze up to 30 wireless microphones into one television station,” Waehner explained. “This will be a really high-quality and ultra-efficient transmission system that we’ll be unveiling. It’s the first series that’s going to feature this and it’s something that you’ll see more from Sennheiser in the future.” MI

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