Vincent Van Trigt

Fender Announces Master Builder

Fender has announced a new master builder joining the Fender Custom Shop — Vincent Van Trigt. Van Trigt has worked in both the Gretsch and Fender Custom Shops for the past nine years. He spent the last four years as an apprentice master builder under Fender Master Builder John Cruz. Two years before that he worked as an apprentice master builder under Master Builder Stephen Stern.

Van Trigt has served in many positions at Fender. After moving to the U.S. from the Netherlands in 2004, he worked on the Fender factory assembly line in Corona, California, before making the move to the Fender Custom Shop in 2010. Two years later he moved to the Gretsch Custom Shop to work as an apprentice master builder under Stephen Stern before coming back to the Fender Custom Shop two years later to work under Senior Master Builder John Cruz.

"Vincelearned from one of our very best," said Mike Lewis, vice president of product development at Fender Custom Shop. "Apprenticing under John Cruz rootedVincein that special care and attention to detail that only a master builder possesses. Vinceis also an accomplished bass player and has a special touch when it comes to basses."

Van Trigt commented on his previous experience. "As an aspiring builder it was very inspiring for me to work alongside the other master builders, getting the freedom to learn and experiment on my own in a highly creative environment," Van Trigt said.