Dana Bourgeois

Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman Music

Bourgeois Guitars has entered into a partnership with Eastman Music.

In the coming year, Eastman's international distribution network is expected to open foreign markets for Bourgeois Guitars, while Bourgeois Guitars' design expertise and technical knowledge will add depth and prestige to Eastman's portfolio of product offerings.

New product collaborations will be announced in 2020. Bourgeois and Eastman are currently working to co-produce a series of guitars. Bourgeois will be responsible for design, materials selection, voicing, setup and quality control. Eastman will contribute manufacturing and sourcing capabilities and expertise in global distribution.

Dana Bourgeois will retain an ownership position in the company he founded and will remain as CEO. Christopher Fleming, chief operating officer, will continue to lead operations, with James Cook remaining as sales manager.

"Our entire team will continue to produce acoustic guitars of the highest quality in our Lewiston, Maine, workshop," Bourgeois said. "For many years to come, our partnership with Eastman will allow us continued control over product quality, quality of service and pricing. We look ahead to an exciting future."