Nordic Shells Launches Online 'Green Room'

Nordic Shells recently launched the "Green Room," an online blog for industry peers and drum makers. Recent content has included how to increase your ROI with the same amount of effort and how to effectively brand a drum line, while future content will include planning for 2020, prepping for next January's NAMM show, and how to educate customers on the importance of quality.

"We're in a very interesting period," said Dave West, co-founder and CEO of Nordic. "The industry is expanding and contracting at the same time. And unlike we've seen before, new players are entering at a rapid pace — and sticking around. Folks who previously dabbled in drum building are now able to establish a boutique drum shop and build a loyal following. That's due in large part to social media, but also as a result of customers seeking one-of-a-kind products with better quality and integrity.

"As these new boutiques get going, they encounter your typical growing pains. There seemed to be a shortage of information within this industry, so we heeded this call. We want to be a source of support and guidance as they get their feet on the ground. We operate our business with the rising tide mentality: If we elevate each other, we all win."