The Zoom F6 field recorder with Sennheiser's Ambeo VR mic.

Zoom F6, F8n Recorders Receive Ambeo Certification

Zoom and Sennheiser have expanded their Ambeo for VR partnership to include the Zoom F8n field recorder and the new Zoom F6 field recorder.

The F6 and F8n both use Ambeo A-B software, which directly converts the A signals of the Ambeo VR mic to processing-compatible Ambisonics B-format. Zoom has been an inaugural member of Sennheiser's Ambeo for VR partnership program, created to ensure seamless workflows for VR and AR producers, said a press release.

"At Zoom, we closely observe and monitor emerging audio technologies. We have clearly seen AR and VR production rising," said Masa Iijima, Zoom Corp. CEO. "We are delighted to extend our partnership with Sennheiser and offer professionals and creators Ambeo's innovative recording solution with our new F6 and F8n field recorders."

"We are delighted that Zoom's F6 and F8n are part of the Ambeo for VR program, joining the Zoom F4 and F8, all of them extremely popular field recorders among VR and AR content creators," added Véronique Larcher, director of Ambeo Immersive Audio. "The Ambeo VR mic is the leading Ambisonics microphone in the AR and VR fields. Including the Ambeo conversion software directly in the recording tool streamlines production workflows considerably."