Schedule of Events
All sessions are held at the NAMM Idea Center, booth 453, unless otherwise noted.
All TEC Tracks sessions will be held at booth 153.


8:30–9:30 A.M.
Retail Disruptors
Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO (moderator), and guests
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
What business trends, industry pioneers and government policies are transforming music retail as we know it? What does it take to win in an era of big change? In this exciting kickoff to the show, NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond and a team of industry thought leaders will tackle these questions and more. Get ready to take a bold look at the forces that are shaping and disrupting music retail — and some of the new and emerging opportunities. Don't miss a powerful session that promises to be part state-of-the-industry address, part retail roundtable and part ideas festival. (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first-served basis from 8–8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
5 Website Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales
Madison Revell, Inbound AV
Looking to bolster your online presence and increase your sales? Join Madison Revell, lead designer for marketing firm Inbound AV, as she returns to the NAMM Idea Center after a standing-room-only presentation at The NAMM Show. At this high-energy session, she'll reveal five simple website design hacks to help you create a better online user experience, improve your e-commerce success and solidify your brand. This session is designed for anyone and everyone involved in retail websites and marketing, from novices to seasoned online pros.

How to Create Compelling Mixes
Craig Anderton
What makes the difference between a "typical" mix and a compelling one? In this fascinating session, Craig Anderton will share techniques and secrets to help you grab your listeners' attention, keep them hooked and leave them wanting more.

11:00 A.M.
Facebook 2019: What Works Now, What Doesn't
(Double Session)

Jenn Herman, social media and online marketing strategist
Facebook marketing is a moving target, with the social media platform regularly changing its algorithm. In this powerful double session, you'll discover how to catapult your Facebook page ahead of your competitors — and get more sales! Join online marketing authority Jenn Herman, leading Instagram blogger and head of Jenn's Trends, as she covers essential strategies to succeed with Facebook right now. Discover how to craft Facebook captions that get more reach, and make the most of Facebook Events to connect with significantly more customers, potential customers and fans. Also, find out how to capitalize on Facebook Groups for community building and use Live videos effectively, even if you hate being on camera. A must-attend session for anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Pre-production Secrets to Maximize Studio Results
Wes Maebe
This session is about being prepared. U.K.-based pro sound award-winning engineer Wes Maebe will talk about preproduction and delivering recordings to the mix stage, then delivering mixes to the mastering stage properly.

12:00 P.M.
New Strategies to Grow Your Lesson Business
Noel Wentworth, Wentworth Music
Brand visibility is critical for business growth, but how do you build your brand without breaking the bank? In this session, NAMM Top 100 finalist Noel Wentworth will reveal how he's grown his music lesson program to nearly 1,100 private students weekly — and in a city of 157,000 people. He'll explore low-cost strategies he's used to successfully build community relationships, generate excitement and raise his company's profile to celebrity status. This will include creative ideas for recruiting students, giving back to the community, increasing student retention and reinforcing your business through brand visibility. A not-to-miss session for anyone looking to grow a lesson program or business.

The Multi-hat Musician
Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter
The tectonic shift of the music industry's business models over the past few years has made it ever more essential for serious music professionals to find creative ways to maximize their income. In this session, multiple-identity specialist rock star Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter will compare notes with other artists on how to mine your time and talents in many directions.

12:30 P.M.
5 Strategies to Motivate and Keep Great Employees
Jimmy Edwards, Marshall Music
How do you create and retain great employees? How do you keep them consistently performing at their very best? It starts with your company culture, and more than ever before, it's critical to the success of your business. Join Jimmy Edwards of Marshall Music for five proven strategies that he's used to maximize morale, job performance and retention at his seven-store retail chain. He'll look at everything from goal-setting and ongoing training opportunities to getting people outside the four walls of a store. Most of all, he'll share ideas you can implement for the long haul. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your culture — and bottom line. It might just be the most important thing you do all year.

1 P.M.
Decoding Google: Advanced Strategies for Music Businesses (Double Session)
Larry Bailin, bestselling digital marketing author and Premier Google Partner
Businesses that leverage the power and reach of Google grow six times faster than those on the sidelines. Google can now predict when your customers are ready to buy, oftentimes before they even know it themselves. Discover how to take advantage of the full power and reach of Google to grow your music business. Join digital marketing pioneer Larry Bailin, CEO of global marketing agency Single Throw Marketing (a Google Premier Partner), for this special digital marketing double session. Bailin returns to Summer NAMM to share real-life examples of advanced marketing opportunities that create unprecedented sales activity. You'll find out how to gain a true return on your marketing dollars using Google techniques to get ahead of the competition and connect with more potential customers in ways you've never been able to before. (This session was originally presented at The 2019 NAMM Show and returning by popular demand.)

The Artist/Engineer/Producer Relationship in the Studio
Brian Hardgroove, John Kurzweg, Jono Manson and Stephen Dewave
Belling the Cat members Brian Hardgroove, John Kurzweg and Jono Manson have each had successful careers as musicians, engineers and producers. Hear them, along with Belling the Cat bassist Stephen Dewave, discuss the critical relationship among the three mindsets that come together in the studio, and how to make the most of those essential human resources.

2 P.M.
5 Lesson Program Crises and How to Fix Them
Melissa Loggins, Music Authority
Don't let common crises in your music lesson program hurt your student retention. In this session, Melissa Loggins of Music Authority will offer practical tips to help you address the five biggest customer-service crises in a lesson business without losing your cool. She'll cover everything from handling late fees to parents who are unhappy with a cancellation policy to teachers calling in sick last minute. Get real-world advice to overcome these issues and turn a crisis into an opportunity to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Three Unique Business Models for Studios
Dan Daley (moderator), Chris Mara and Pat McMakin
The legacy business model for commercial recording studios continues to evolve. In this panel, three studio owners/managers, including Chris Mara from Welcome to 1979 Studio and Pat McMakin from Ocean Way Nashville, talk about the market conditions that led them to develop their particular strategies, how they implemented them and challenges they encountered. Veteran journalist Dan Daley will moderate.

2:30 P.M.
Podcasting Essentials for Music Businesses
David Hooper, Big Podcast
If your music store or brand isn't podcasting, you're probably leaving money on the table. More than 51% of people in the United States (144 million) have listened to podcasts, and 45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of at least $75K. And in this session, David Hooper of Big Podcast will help you get started with your own podcasts. He'll show you how to podcast using equipment you already own, create podcast episodes to attract your ideal customers and promote your music business and boost revenue for far less than traditional advertising.

3 P.M.
Insider Secrets to Manage Your Reputation on Google,
Yelp and Facebook

Paul Farmer, Starfish SEO, and Aaron Clifford, Binary Foundation
How people perceive your brand online affects every aspect of your business, especially when it comes to attracting new customers. And their first point of contact is usually online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. Here, online marketing experts Paul Farmer of Starfish SEO and Aaron Clifford of Binary Foundation will share new ideas and tips to help you better manage your business' online reputation. They'll explore how to handle negative reviews and angry customers, how Siri and Alexa use reputation-management tools to make local business recommendations and why small businesses sometimes out-perform big-name brands with hyper-local listings. A not-to-miss presentation for both beginners and intermediate users.

Long-term Tools for Recording
Some recording tools and techniques are trendy, while others stand the test of time. This session will consider classic equipment, effects and procedures that will ensure quality in your recordings no matter the style of music or playback environment.

3:30 P.M.
Simple KPIs to Boost Your Profitability
Jeff Bertrand, Bertrand's Music
Want to improve your sales, profitability and customer satisfaction? How about better manage your inventory, rentals and productivity? Then start with KPIs (key performance indicators), the ultimate music retail scorecard. In this session, Jeff Bertrand of Bertrand's Music will dive into KPI essentials, how to use them and the most powerful KPIs to track for your business. This session is designed for any and all retailers, not just those with financial minds.

4 P.M.
A Purchase Order Is Born
Cris Behrens, Summerhays Music Center, and Tiffany Stalker, Korg
Tell me something, stores. Are you happy with your purchase orders? Or do you need more? Is there profit that you're searching for? In this session, industry veterans Cris Behrens of Summerhays Music Center and Tiffany Stalker of Korg will share the stage to bring you tips and tricks to go after those purchase orders. Technology funds, bundling items, solidifying school rental relationships and wording your bid to win are just a few of the topics they'll cover to get you far from the shallow. (And, of course, expect more than a few references to A Star Is Born.)

Technology for Worship
Doug Doppler and Bruce Adolph
From Dante to drum mics, Helix to handhelds, multitracks to MIDI, stage boxes to streaming and much more, this panel of experts will inform and inspire you and your team on how to make the most of technology for worship!

4:30 P.M.
10 Ways to Upgrade Your School Music Business
Robert Christie, A & G Central Music and NAMM Dealer of the Year
Robert Christie, president of A & G Central Music, took home NAMM's Dealer of the Year Award in 2017, in large part because of how he's built the retailer into an indie school music powerhouse. And in this special closeout to Thursday's program at Summer NAMM, he'll share 20-plus years of lessons learned to help you grow your own school music business. Christie will discuss how to keep a rental program new and relevant and make it a service your customers can't live without. He'll also offer his secret to improving productivity — and much more. Walk away with proven ideas, advice and wisdom from an industry veteran who's done and seen it all.

5 P.M.
Solutions for the Silent Stage
Doug Doppler and Bruce Adolph
The silent stage isn't going away anytime soon, nor are its challenges. This panel discussion will inform and advise you and your team on the latest tips and tricks for keeping things quiet where it really counts!

5:30–8:30 P.M.
Summer NAMM Opening Night Party: The American Eagle Awards, Honoring George Clinton and Vince Guaraldi
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Enjoy the annual opening night event with special performances and an award ceremony honoring influential musicians in America. Presenters include artists John Rich and George Winston.

6:30–9:30 P.M.
2019 She Rocks Showcase
Tin Roof Broadway
Join the Women's International Music Network for its annual showcase featuring amazing female talent at Tin Roof Broadway. This year's performers include Emily Wolfe, Grace Askew, Heather Findlay and Jess Nolan.


8:30–9:30 A.M.
The Customer Experience Revolution
Shep Hyken, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Companies like Amazon and Uber disrupted entire industries by being more convenient. Your customers now demand world-class convenience and a frictionless experience with every interaction. And here's the good news: To be a leading music business, you don't have to disrupt an entire industry, just your competition. In this NAMM U Breakfast Session, you'll find out how with Shep Hyken, customer experience guru and New York Times bestselling author. Drawing from his groundbreaking new book, The Convenience Revolution: How to Deliver a Customer Service Experience that Disrupts the Competition and Creates Fierce Loyalty, he'll share six compelling strategies to fuel your plan to create convenience for your customers. Walk away with new ideas to revolutionize your business today. (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first- served basis from 8–8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
Successful Video Tips for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Ben Ash, Sam Ash Music
Video is essential for promoting your business, but what works on one social media platform doesn't work on another. In this session, Ben Ash, content marketing manager at Sam Ash Music, will dive into best practices for video marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, using real-world examples from his own business. Discover essential tips for each platform and simple hacks that get big results. Ash will also look at effective uses for live video and important do's and don'ts. Take your video marketing to the next level today!

The Pro Audio Entrepreneur Mindset
Sean Giovanni
Sean Giovanni, owner of The Record Shop Recording Studio and Production Company in Nashville, Tennessee, will present new information and ideas for audio professionals to improve their success in entrepreneurship, career development, finding and maintaining clients, and building multiple revenue streams. He'll also introduce a platform called Mind Map, which was developed to help creatives learn how to balance their business and artistic endeavors — and build long-term prosperity.

11 A.M.
5 Ways to Level Up Your Instagram
Mallory Nees, Reverb
Do you want your Instagram posts to have a greater impact? Are you baffled by some of the platform's new features? Do you wonder how on earth you can boost your follower count? Join Mallory Nees, social media manager for music gear marketplace Reverb, and get new Instagram power tips at this in-depth session. Walk away with proven, expert tactics for increasing your influence and engagement on the platform.

Vocal Prepping for the Studio
Brett Manning, Dan Daley, Brandon Hood and Erin Kinsey
This session will look at how to prepare for getting the best performance from a singer quickly in the studio, covering everything from vocal coaching tips and techniques to microphone matching and fine-tuning.

11:30 A.M.
Music Lessons: How to End No-shows Forever
Mike and Miriam Risko, Mike Risko Music
Want to make no-shows a thing of the past? Ossining, New York-based Mike Risko Music has just about eradicated no-shows from its lesson program, and here, company founders Mike and Miriam Risko will share their tried-and-true ideas. They'll reveal how to set up and communicate an effective policy, popular alternatives for no-shows that parents love, tips for handling phone calls that come in prior to lessons and how to successfully use video lessons and video assignments. Find out how to ensure students get their lessons when they can't make it and your teachers get paid. If you have a lesson program, you don't want to miss this session.

12 P.M.
Online Marketing Secrets for Small Business
Hayley Voorhees, Buddy Roger's Music
Do you feel you can't keep up with online marketing and web trends? Join Hayley Voorhees of Buddy Roger's Music and get proven ideas, tips and inspiration to break through with your online marketing — straight from a powerhouse indie retailer. She'll reveal must-knows about online resources for music retailers small and large. This will include when and how to use an outside SEO firm, Google advice, website hosting solutions, tips for email and text-message marketing, social media ideas and more.

Immersive Audio and You
John McBride, Greg Penny and Chris Jenkins
In a world of simulated reality, natural-sounding sources and environments are just beginning to become believable and artful. In this discussion of future possibilities and inevitabilities, pro-audio gurus John McBride and Greg Penny will bring you up to date, and perhaps drop a wild idea or two on you.

12:30 P.M.
The Bottom Line on Internet Sales Tax
Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co.
If you have questions about online sales tax collection, you're not alone. Last year's Supreme Court ruling changed the game, and make no mistake, what you don't know about internet sales tax can put your music retail business in financial peril. Don't let this happen! Join music retail financial experts Alan Friedman, CPA, and Daniel Jobe, EA, of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. for the bottom line on how these changes will likely impact you. Friedman and Jobe will also provide a roadmap to help you stay on top of the shifting sales-tax landscape.

1 P.M.
10 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Bottom Line
Bob Popyk, The Music Trades magazine columnist, and Alan Friedman, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co.
If you're like most music retailers, you're missing out on hidden profits in your business. Don't let this happen! Join Bob Popyk, columnist for The Music Trades magazine, and Alan Friedman, a partner in Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., for this exciting roundup of creative ideas. They'll share simple, interesting and innovative ways you may have overlooked to put more money in your pocket — and do so without increasing your costs. Get new tips for boosting your profitability as soon as you get back home!

The Road to Great Recordings: Meeting Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles
Jeff Balding, Dave Way, Shannon Sanders and Derek Wells
Nashville's P&E Wing will present a master series panel of high-end producers and engineers. They'll discuss the challenges and obstacles producers and engineers face in making a great record, and how they work through them.

1:30 P.M.
How to Build a Kick-butt Teaching Team
Pete Gamber, music lessons expert and Music Inc. magazine columnist
Your music lesson program is only as good as your teachers. The right instructors can double and even triple your student base, not to mention serve as your most powerful brand ambassadors. But a top-notch teaching team won't happen automatically. Just as you train and nurture your retail sales staff, your education team needs to be developed. In this session, music lesson guru Pete Gamber will reveal simple but overlooked and even counterintuitive ways to build a teaching dream team, whether they're employees or independent contractors. Don't miss this opportunity to add new growth and profits to your lesson program!

2 P.M.
Tips for Launching a Music Festival at Your Store
Matt Silkworth, Island Music
In the last five years, Island Music has grown its annual Rocktoberfest into a major community music festival with more than 5,500 attendees, 20 bands and new sales to boot. The event has also strengthened the retailer's ties to the community — in 2018 alone, Rocktoberfest raised nearly $40K for the local school music and arts program. In this session, you'll get tips, best practices and advice to launch and grow a music fest at your own retail business. Join Matt Silkworth, manager of Island Music, as he shows you how to host and promote a successful festival event that draws people into your store, generates sales and creates tighter bonds with the community.

Deconstructing a Mix: Craig Alvin
Craig Alvin and Dave Tough
As an engineer and mixer, Craig Alvin won the grand prize this year. His latest behind-the-board work for Kacey Musgraves resulted in four Grammys, including Record of the Year. In an interview with Dr. Dave Tough, Alvin will walk you through how he builds the sound of a hit recording.

2:30 P.M.
How to Create Effective Facebook Live Videos

Tim Paul, Piano Trends Music & Band
Want to drive more traffic to your Facebook page? Looking to better engage your audience, tell your story and promote your business? Look no further than Facebook Live, the largest social media platform for live video broadcasting. Join Tim Paul of Piano Trends Music & Band for a step-by-step process to create effective Facebook Live videos. Paul has used Facebook Live to do everything from successfully promoting his brand to selling pianos and band rental programs. He'll also show examples of effective Facebook Live videos that you can apply to your own business.

3 P.M.
New Innovations in Music Lesson Programs
(Double Session)

Brian Berk, Music & Sound Retailer magazine (moderator); Will Mason, Mason Music; Kimberly Deverell, San Diego Music Studio; and Tim Spicer, Spicer's Music
How do successful lesson studios keep their programs new and relevant? What are some of the latest innovations in the lessons business, and what do they mean to you? Find out at this fast-moving roundup of great ideas, moderated by Brian Berk of Music & Sound Retailer and featuring a high-powered panel of the magazine's columnists: Will Mason of Mason Music, Kimberly Deverell of San Diego Music Studio and Tim Spicer of Spicer's Music. They'll look at new innovations in everything from programming and promotions to technology and operations.

Songwriters' Panel: Writing for the Singer
Tony Brown, Dan Daley, Rivers Rutherford, Beth Nielsen Chapman, John Capek
and Taylor Rhodes

Super producer Tony Brown works with iconic singers, male and female, country and pop, and has writers beating down his door to pen the hits for those singers. What conversations does he have with the writers? How does he determine who has the right sensibilities for a particular singer, or is it all about the song? What instructions would he give someone about writing for various stars?

4 P.M.
Social Media: Where It's Going and How to Get There First!
Brian Bauer, Marketing Strategist, Bauer Entertainment Group
Want an insider's look at the state of social media and how to make it work for you? In this session, Brian Bauer, marketing strategist and president of Bauer Entertainment Marketing, will share key insights on effective social media content and ways to leverage each platform. He'll explore which channels are the fastest-growing and most beneficial to you and your business. He'll also look at common pitfalls, optimizing for search, paid advertising and more.

In-ear Monitor Fundamentals and Hearing Conservation
Mark Frink
In-ear monitors provide many benefits, but there's no guarantee they can save users' hearing. This discussion will examine the physiology of hearing and fundamentals of in-ear monitoring that can help performers control their personal mix with hearing conservation in mind. Since the majority of music is performed (and consumed) with headphones, earbuds and in-ear monitors, this discussion is the warning and advice that's not included with the purchase of these products.

4:30 P.M.
What's Hot in Guitar: An Interview with the Editors
Presented by Guitar World magazine, with Laura B. Whitmore (moderator) and panel
Discover the hottest trends in the guitar, straight from media tastemakers. In this dynamic conversation (presented by Guitar World magazine), journalist and marketer Laura B. Whitmore will sit down with guitar magazine editors to find out what big developments they see happening now, and in the near future.

5 P.M.
The Making of Willie Nelson's Grammy-winning 'My Way'
Matt Rollings, Buddy Cannon and Steve Chadie
My Way is the 68th studio album by Willie Nelson. The album received the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, marking Nelson's 13th career Grammy win. Producers Matt Rollings and Buddy Cannon, along with engineer Steve Chadie, will tell the stories behind the stories.

6–8 P.M.
Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night
3rd and Lindsley
Come for a night of entertaining guitar performances from household names to up-and-coming artists, benefiting the Music for Life Alliance.

6–8:30 P.M.
Top 100 Dealer Awards

Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
The Top 100 Dealer Awards will honor the world's top 100 retail music stores across eight categories, including the coveted "Dealer of the Year" award.

8 P.M.
Shubb Capos Presents the John Jorgenson Quintet
The Hermitage Hotel, Grand Ballroom
Shubb Capos is proud to present a special night of music featuring the John Jorgenson Quintet and speeial guests Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley. Complimentary tickets to the show are available at Shubb Capos' booth (1412).


8:30–9:30 A.M.
Best In Show
Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines (moderator),
and panel

Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Don't leave Summer NAMM without discovering your next best-seller! Saturday morning closes out with "Best In Show," revealing the biggest products, innovations and services at NAMM. Join Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, and a team of music retail gear experts who've searched the show floor in pursuit of the must-see and must-stock items. They'll present 24-plus picks that are sure to make noise in the fourth quarter — and beyond. And exhibitors, make sure you're there, too. You might just be a "Best In Show" winner! (Free breakfast is served on a first-come, first-served basis from 8–8:30 a.m.)

10:30 A.M.
PR Tips for Maximum Exposure
Presented by Guitar World magazine, with Laura B. Whitmore, Mad Sun Marketing
Want to get in front of fans, customers and more using the tool of publicity? In this session (presented by Guitar World magazine), PR pro and journalist Laura B. Whitmore of Mad Sun Marketing will share insider tips on how to get maximum exposure, when and whom to reach out to, how to maximize your time and resources and much more. A session for artists and music business professionals alike.

Why Is Music Free and How Can We Get Back on Track?
A3E opens the day with a talk on the history of failures by the music industry, and an inspiring look at how that can all change in the future.

11 A.M.
Songwriting Masterclass with John Oates (Double Session)
John Oates, hit songwriter, producer and co-founder of Hall & Oates
John Oates is one half of the best-selling duo of all time, Hall & Oates, as well as an accomplished solo artist. With a songbook including "She's Gone" and "Maneater," along with a new roots album, Arkansas, he's also a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In this special session, he'll discuss the stories behind the songs and offer practical advice for artists of all levels. Join LR Baggs for a live taping of its podcast, Makers Mic, with this legendary artist.

The Future of Production: Gamifying a Supergroup
The Fell, Recording Artist
What happens when a supergroup of musicians uses interactive mobile technology to release their latest single? The result is an experience that reinvents music consumption by combining fan interaction, gaming, challenges, remixing, virtual currency, social media and Instagram content creation. A3E welcomes 1225 Label Group artist The Fell to showcase the futuristic production of their new release, Glass Floor.

12 P.M.
Video Success Tips for Instagram and Facebook
Dan Shinder, Drum Talk TV
Did you know Facebook and Instagram have algorithms in place that limit your video reach due to length, viewer habits and other factors? Discover video marketing strategies that will absolutely get results. Dan Shinder is the CEO and founder of Drum Talk TV and Social Media on Steroids and has cracked the code! His online platform that covers the drumming world gets an average 1.5 million video views weekly on Facebook. In this session, he'll reveal simple video marketing strategies you can begin using immediately for a tangible impact on your visibility and bottom-line revenue, regardless of whether you're an artist, producer, retailer or music brand.

Data Collection Is the Key to Maximizing Earnings
Marcus Cobb
In the music business, the more organized you are the more money you will make. Join Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb as he demonstrates how technology is able to simplify the data-collection process, leading to higher sales and streams, increased revenue and less error.

12:30 P.M.
Streaming: What You Need to Know
Kate Richardson, Richlynn Group (moderator); Jarrod Cooper, CmdShft; and Tatiana Angulo, Streaming Productions
Want to get your music on the big streaming services? Join top industry execs for this insightful panel discussion, moderated by Kate Richardson of Richlynn Group. They'll cover best practices on distribution to different services (ranging from Spotify to Apple Music to Amazon), how to pitch your music for features and tips on growing your monthly listeners. A must-see session for artists and songwriters.

1 P.M.
'Pensado's Place' Live at Summer NAMM (Double Session)
Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, Pensado's Place (hosts), and special guests
A Make Music Experience exclusive for Summer NAMM, Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick will take their hit web show, "Pensado's Place," to the NAMM Idea Center stage! Join this power duo for a live discussion with recording giants that you won't hear anyplace else. They'll dive into the biggest topics in production today, including techniques, trends and products, as well as sources of creative inspiration, through one-on-one interviews with audio legends. Last year was standing-room only, so get there early for this not-to-miss Make Music Experience event.

Multimedia City: Producing Music for Film, Television and Video Games in Nashville
Los Angeles and New York offer musicians many professional avenues for revenue in film, television, gaming and commercials. A3E explores the emerging television, film and gaming industries as Nashville becomes Multimedia City, and the doors they open for musicians who have the skills to work outside of its traditions. This session will explore the opportunities that are available and the tools, technology and tips you need to get started generating income.

2 P.M.
Profile of a Hit Songwriter
Lacie Carpenter, singer-songwriter, author and performer (moderator), and panel
What characteristics make a hit songwriter? What role do hard work, talent, early musical development and environment play? Here, Nashville singer-songwriter, author and performer Lacie Carpenter will moderate a panel of successful hit songwriters and producers who will reveal the factors that made them the success they are today. This not-to-be missed session is based on interviews with hit songwriters from the newly published book Profile of a Hit Songwriter by Lacie Carpenter and Thornton Cline.

Launching Your Technology Startup for the Music Industry
Nashville Entrepreneur Center
Project Music is the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's leading action to foster innovation within the music industry. Project Music brings music, tech and business leaders together to nurture startups in partnership with the Country Music Association. This A3E session will spotlight the most innovative new companies emerging in 2019, as well as provide the insight, knowledge and inspiration to launch your own music technology startup.

2:30 P.M.
Unleashing and Maximizing the Hit Songwriter in You
Thornton Cline, Grammy- and Dove-Nominated songwriter and author (moderator), and panel
You've discovered you have a gift and talent for songwriting. You've put in the hours and worked hard to develop your craft. Now, it's time to use every tool and opportunity available on this planet to create songs that reach "hit" status. Grammy- and Dove-nominated, platinum songwriter-author Thornton Cline will moderate a panel of hit songwriters who will reveal the tools and opportunities necessary to achieve ultimate success.

3 P.M.
How to Get a Songwriting Publishing Deal
Doak Turner, Music Starts Here (moderator); Tim Hunze, Parallel Music Publishing; and Blake Chaffin, songwriter
Are you trying to score a publishing deal? This panel discussion, moderated by Doak Turner of Music Starts Here, will offer insider tips and advice for songwriters looking to take their careers to the next level. Turner and his panel of industry experts will cover what publishers look for in staff writers, why certain writers got signed, the journey to getting a publishing deal and how to make money in the business. A can't-miss session for songwriters.

3:30 P.M.
5 Hacks to Immediately Improve a Live Performance
John M, veteran songwriter, recording artist and author
How do you capture and hold an audience's attention? How do you turn things around when losing an audience, or have nerves of steel when playing in front of a huge crowd? Find out this and much more from John M, a veteran touring songwriter, recording artist and author with more than 40 years of touring and performing experience. Drawing on concepts from his new book, Performance Matters, he'll cover onstage patter, conquering stage fright, preparing a setlist, performing for a camera, putting feeling into a song you've played 1,000 times and more. This will be followed with a Q&A, so bring your big questions!