Students from Paradise Intermediate School and Paradise High School.

Tim's Music Helps Paradise School Music Programs

Tim's Music in Carmichael, California, has spearheaded efforts to help school music programs affected by last year's Camp Fire, which destroyed much of Paradise, California. In addition to the damage to the town, the fire ravaged the band programs of Paradise-area schools.

"There were about $150,000–$200,000 worth of instruments destroyed at Paradise Intermediate School and Paradise High School," said store owner Scott Mandeville.

His first opportunity to help with the recovery came due to a fortunate coincidence. In December 2018, a client of Tim's Music told Mandeville that the Concow Elementary School was in need of a piano.

"That same day, another friend of mine called up and said, 'Man, I've got this piano. It has to move,'" Mandeville said. Seeing an opportunity, he suggested that his friend donate the Baldwin console piano to the school.

"He was all on board," Mandeville said.

From there, he coordinated the delivery. The day the piano arrived, Principal Josh Peete played for the students at lunchtime.

"That was crazy cool," Mandeville said about seeing the principal play for the students.

Later, when multiple organizations reached out to Tim's Music about donating or buying instruments for the band programs at Paradise Intermediate and Paradise High, Mandeville realized that he had a unique ability to help.

"I could do something way more than donate a few hundred dollars toward a fundraiser because of my contacts in the industry," he said.

So Mandeville reached out to Tabor Stamper, president of KHS America, and told him about the situation. KHS donated approximately $38,000 worth of new instruments from its Jupiter brand, including flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, a tuba and some drums. Since then, he has worked with KHS to supply more instruments at a steep discount.

Mandeville also contacted Ryan Richman, vice president of Eastman Music, who contributed as well. Eastman donated $23,000 worth of instruments, including tubas, euphoniums and French horns.

"The kids were thrilled to death," Mandeville said. "They are so grateful for the outpouring of help."

Going forward, Mandeville will remain involved in rebuilding the Paradise-area school music programs. He sees this as an important step in the students' overall recovery.

"Music is such an important part of the healing of their community, and music education is the cornerstone of all education."