Country Music Store Relocates to Atlanta, Texas

Country Music Store recently held a grand opening after moving from Texarkana, Texas, to Atlanta, a Texas city located nearly 25 miles south.

Owner Ed Strange said the main motivation for the move was to slightly downsize the business in order to cut down costs.

"I'm sure like the rest of us in the brick-and-mortar stores, about the only thing we have to compete with now is our service because all the big boys got the advantage on us, like Amazon and all those folks," Strange said. "That was the main reason behind [the move], just to improve our bottom line."

The retailer, specializing in string instruments, sold some of its inventory worth hundreds of thousands of dollars before completing the move while keeping much of its selection of guitars. The new location, which measures roughly 1,900 square feet, is also smaller than the business' original 2,800-square-foot space.

At the Oct. 12 grand opening, Strange said he had met a mix of new and old customers who frequented the Atlanta location. He added that Country Music Store already had a strong customer base from Atlanta, and the move is an opportunity to continue growing those relationships.

"We've always had a good customer base in Texarkana from Cass County [where Atlanta is located], so we've maintained that, of course, and we're looking forward to picking up a bunch more," Strange said. "All of our people from Texarkana are following us down here, so we haven't lost any of that customer base, either."

Strange said the reason Country Music Store has been able to keep its customers is because of the level of service the retailer provides — and the lack of other options in the region.

"We've just always been at the top of our game, and there's actually not a lot of folks in Texarkana or the surrounding area that do any, or offer any, service on stringed instruments," Strange said. "There's some that do, but not many, and the ones that do are limited. We're able to offer a broad expanse of repairs, information [and] discussions with our customers. We're always happy to talk to them about guitars or what they may be wanting to buy. [We try to] lead them on the right path."

With Country Music Store being a way for Strange to continue his appreciation for music, he said he doesn't have any plans to try to expand the business, saying, "We're happy with where we're at. We're doing what we want to do and enjoying things." MI

— By Tyra Bosnic