March 02, 2023 I Acquisition

Willson Band Instruments Joins Eastman Music Company

Willson's Willi Kurath Jr. and Eastman's Qian Ni.

Eastman Music Company has announced that Willson Band Instruments of Flums, Switzerland, will be joining the Eastman family of brands.

Willson has been a leader in brass musical instruments for more than 70 years. Willson will join Eastman’s growing portfolio, which includes Eastman, Wm. S. Haynes Co., S. E. Shires Co., Backun Musical Services, Laskey and Bourgeois Guitars.

A statement from Eastman said that after discussions between the two companies began last year, co-founder Willi Kurath Jr. “quickly knew that Eastman would be the best home for Willson to continue its legacy and company values established by he and his father, Willy Kurath Sr., and would allow his team of dedicated craftspeople to further excel at building quality Willson instruments at the Flums workshop.”

Since the company was founded in 1950, Willson has worked to design and build the fine brass wind instruments, including a line of euphoniums known for their sound and precision engineering.

“My father and I have devoted our lives to making musical instruments that would bring joy to both the player and the listener,” Kurath Jr. said. “Willson is alive. Joining Eastman will ensure that Willson instruments will continue my family’s work and bring joy to future generations.”

“The values that define the Willson brand match that of the mission of Eastman Music Company — to provide the finest quality instruments, from student to professional heirloom, for musicians throughout the world. Our goal has always been to build a beautiful company, and the joining of Willson adds to the beauty of that mission,” said Qian Ni, Eastman Music Company’s founder.

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