May 31, 2024 I Acquisition

Vista Musical Instruments Acquires Manny’s from Sam Ash

Vista Musical Instruments has confirmed it has acquired all associated trademarks of Manny’s from Sam Ash Music Corporation in January 2024.

“Manny’s is an incredible brand with a rich storied history since it was founded on 48th Street, New York City in 1935,” said Meng Ru Kuok, CEO of Vista Musical Instruments. “From supporting beginners buying their very first guitar to legends like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, it’s unquestionable the impact Manny’s has made on the world of music. We’re proud and grateful to have the opportunity to shape its next chapter to ensure its legacy remains meaningful to future generations of musicians.”

“Vista Musical Instruments recognized the great value in the Manny’s trademark and purchased it from us back in January,” said David Ash, Sam Ash Music CEO and general counsel. “We are pleased that they will be able to maintain the world famous Manny’s name into the future.”

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