September 11, 2023 I Event, Retail

Tobias Music Hosts ‘Afternoon with Andy’ Taylor Guitars Showcase

Andy Powers speaks to a sold-out crowd at Tobias Music on August 27.

Tobias Music, a guitar-focused retailer in Downers Grove, Illinois, hosted an Afternoon with Andy Taylor Guitars Showcase at its shop on August 27. The event featured a discussion with Andy Powers, Taylor Guitars’ president, CEO and master designer, along with Taylor Guitars’ district sales manager Rich Casciato.

The Taylor crew was in the Chicago area for the Fretboard Summit held at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, and, thanks to Tobias Music’s longtime relationship with company, the team stayed over an extra day for the event. Tim O’Brien, Taylor’s vice president of marketing, and Aaron Dablow, Taylor’s sales manager for the Americas, were also on hand for the Tobias Music event.

“We have a 65-seat auditorium adjacent to our guitar shop, which is a perfect setting for our in-store events,” explained Paul Tobias, store owner. “We had a full house to hear Andy speak on his early stages of guitar building, the development of his V-Bracing, the sustainable woods that Taylor is using and his design innovations used for the Builder’s Edition lineup. Oh, and Andy and Rich Casciato are pretty decent players, too. The crowd was treated to some mind-blowing guitar demos. The weekend event brought in some great sales, which helped us cap off a very strong August at our shop.”

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