November 10, 2023 I Operations

Roland Announces New Global HQ in Japan

A rendering of Roland's new Japanese headquarters.

Roland has announced it will begin construction on its new headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, in August 2024, with completion slated for sometime in 2025.

The new headquarters will serve as the company’s epicenter for research and development, honoring products of the past and present, while driving creation of music of the future.

Roland’s upcoming headquarters will be an expansion of a building the company acquired in early 2023. The remodeling and renovation project will connect the building’s two existing sections to create a larger, square-shaped structure with an open area concept at its core. This new facility will span a total of three floors and approximately 219,000 square feet. The perimeter of the building, known as the “Roland Circuit,” will encompass the four sides and feature well-lit, open communication areas, as well as offices designed to foster creativity and productivity.

At the heart of this innovative design will be the central atrium, which will be the dubbed “Roland Arena.” This spacious, open-concept area has been strategically designed to maximize natural light and encourage sharing of ideas. This area will be enveloped by Roland offices, aimed at nurturing creativity and will offer a versatile performance space for both Roland employees and the community.

Roland’s new headquarters will place an emphasis on sustainability from construction to operation. The building’s renovation project will reuse existing buildings and materials to minimize the amount of CO2 emissions typically generated during the construction processes by up to 60%.

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