November 28, 2023 I Philanthropy

Reverb Sponsors the J Dilla Music Technology Grant

Reverb has announced its sponsorship of the Save The Music Foundation’s J Dilla Music Technology Grant. The latest step in the five-year partnership between Reverb and the Save The Music Foundation (STM) has benefited South Atlanta High School in Georgia, where students now have a variety of tech-focused music gear to bolster their music education.

Launched in 2019, the Save The Music Foundation’s J Dilla Technology Grant brings modern training techniques to local communities and school districts, fostering the inner creativity, talent, and confidence of students by teaching them the fundamentals of electronic music creation, recording, and production. Through Reverb’s donation, South Atlanta High School’s nearly 900 students now have an assortment of tech-focused music gear to use as they explore music as a means for expression.

“For decades, Atlanta has been a hotbed of musical talent, providing lifelong careers to countless artists that have revolutionized music-making,” said David Mandelbrot, Reverb’s CEO. “By helping the next generation gain access to the latest music technology, we’re creating a more equitable, inclusive environment where students can learn, grow, and create through musical education.”

Thanks to this partnership between Reverb and the Save The Music Foundation, students will have access to DJ and beat-making gear, electronic instruments and guitars, studio-grade sound equipment, computers, tablets, digital music software, curriculum, and accessories. Exposure to music technology like this not only allows students to experiment with gear widely used by today’s music industry, but also makes music-making more accessible to those who couldn’t afford lessons in the past. As schools continue to struggle with funding for the arts, music technology will continue to play an important role in expanding access to youth music education.

Since 2018, Reverb has helped more than 200 youth music education programs all over the world get the instruments they need to make music through Reverb Gives. That same year, Reverb gave its first Reverb Gives grant to the Save The Music Foundation, and the two have worked together over the years to provide the music gear needed to continue fighting against systemic inequality in music education.

“Save The Music is grateful for Reverb’s support of our music technology programs since 2018, and the company’s generous sponsorship of a J Dilla Music Tech Grant at South Atlanta High School this year,” said Chiho Feindler, chief program officer for Save The Music. “South Atlanta High School represents the fourth high school in Atlanta Public Schools to receive a J Dilla Music Technology grant. STM is currently working to establish strong music tech programs in the district by providing all seven Title I high schools in the city and feeder middle schools with music technology grants over the coming years. We are thrilled to see the immense impact Reverb’s gift will have for Atlanta students. The company’s commitment to provide resources for their musical and personal growth will benefit thousands of students in years to come.”;

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