April 20, 2020 I Distribution

Reverb Launches Carbon Offset Shipping

Reverb, an online e-commerce hub for buying and selling musical instruments, has announced that beginning today, the company will offset 100% of its carbon emissions from shipping with no additional cost to buyers or sellers. For every item purchased on Reverb, an investment will be made in environmental projects that protect vulnerable forests.

Money from each sale will go toward the following projects: Peru’s Madre de Dios Amazon project, The Floresta de Portel project in Brazil’s state of Para and The UPM Blandin Native American Hardwoods Conservation Project.

“While it’s important to acknowledge the impact our business has on the environment year-round, we’re particularly aware right now, as consumers increasingly rely on online shopping,” said David Mandelbrot, CEO at Reverb. “Now, each time someone buys an item on Reverb, we balance out the carbon emissions by creating a positive environmental impact—specifically through the conservation of forests that absorb carbon and protect the types of trees used to make many of our favorite musical instruments.”

These sustainability efforts will come at no cost to Reverb buyers or sellers. Etsy, Reverb’s parent company, will be making the investments on the company’s behalf.


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