May 26, 2023 I Opening

Raymond Music Opens Up Shop in California

Raymond Music, located in Goleta, California, held its grand opening on April 29. The store, started by Bryce Raymond, and will offer repairs, rentals, sales and lessons for brass and woodwind instruments. While the grand opening was held just last month, Raymond’s vision for the store goes back to when he first started repairing instruments in his shed, collaborating with local schools, friends and players. He now works with a number of schools in the area on repairs and sales.

“I already had business from a number of schools in town, and I’ve played with just about every player in town at one point or another the last couple years,” Raymond said. “I’m getting the average person off the street who’s looking for a music store. Word of mouth is always great.”

Raymond said locals have been excited to have another music store in the community.

“Everyone’s just been super supportive, not only from the community, but my parents helping me with the grand opening and getting everything set up,” Raymond said. “It’s great to see everyone be so responsive and to know I’m part of the community.”

His biggest goal for Raymond Music is to make it sustainable so every customer walks away satisfied with their purchases.

“I’m meeting the projected goals that I had already,” Raymond said. “I’m making sure that I can keep it going and adapting to whatever’s coming up and keeping everything running for a long time.”

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