July 07, 2023 I Supply

PRS Opens Applications for 2024 Pulse Artist Class

PRS Guitars is now accepting applications for the Class of 2024 PRS Pulse Artist Program. Now in its fourth year, the PRS Pulse Artist Program shines a light on leading regional artists from around the world through PRS’s dealer network and beyond.

PRS Guitars created the Pulse Artist program to help influential guitar players form stronger relationships with their go-to retail store and each other. Through the program, PRS Pulse Artists are granted exclusive discounts on guitars, amps and accessories through their local authorized PRS dealer. In addition to exclusive discounts, Pulse Artists will also receive an exclusive membership kit that includes PRS strings, picks, cables and more. Pulse Artists also receive exposure through editorial content on the PRS Guitars website and posts on its social platforms. Adding “PRS Guitars Pulse Artist” to their resume has also helped many of these players connect with venues and potential sponsors.

The current Pulse Artist roster boasts more than 85 guitarists, representing a diverse range of playing styles and genres from 20 countries.

“We are excited to continue the Pulse Program as a platform to discover new talent, foster connections amongst a diverse community of guitar players, and help fans and musicians discover each other,” said Bev Fowler, PRS director of artist relations. “The class of 2023 Pulse Artists have been busy releasing numerous albums, EP’s and singles, livestreaming performances, and collaborating with each other and sometimes official PRS artists. We look forward to connecting with new Pulse Artists in 2024 and seeing the program continue to help amplify these musicians.”

All guitarists interested in becoming a 2024 PRS Pulse Artist must submit their application through any authorized PRS dealer or distributor. Submissions for the 2024 class will be accepted now through August 31. All applications will be reviewed by the PRS Artist Relations team.


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