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PRS Guitars Names Marc Quigley Company Archivist, Brand Educator

Marc Quigley

PRS Guitars has named veteran employee Marc Quigley as its archivist and brand educator. This new role for PRS is designed to preserve the company’s history and help share it with the world. This move also represents the company’s significant investment in partner training, as Quigley will work to develop a robust B2B training program on PRS products, history and culture.

“Marc and I have been working side-by-side for decades, and I am so pleased our dealers and partners are going to get to interact with him on a regular basis. He has so much to share,” said Paul Reed Smith, company founder.

Quigley began at PRS Guitars in 1988, just three years into the company’s formation. His first job was as a basecoat sander. Through the years, his career at PRS advanced him through the production finish hall and production management to both artist relations and customer service before finally finding a home in marketing. In 1996, Quigley created the first PRS Guitars website. During the late 1990s Quigley also studied photography under Jim Noble and several other notable mentors.

The resulting photography was used across PRS Guitars’ many catalogs and calendars. Quigley eventually took over all studio photography for PRS and his role grew to art director for the brand.

“PRS is at an interesting point in history. We have numerous employees who have been here for almost our entire existence — if not all of it. We are also offering the largest assortment of products ever. All of that make this exactly the right time for this position, and I couldn’t think of any other choice to take on the role,” said Judy Schaefer, director of marketing. “Marc’s photography, advertising designs, industry knowledge, and mentorship have been paramount to establishing and growing the brand, and I am beyond excited to see what he brings to our dealer relationships and the caretaking of our history in this new role.”

Quigley is a lifelong gear aficionado, music lover and an active musician, playing guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo and bouzouki.


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