April 13, 2020 I Pandemic Stories

Oxford House of Music Goes Virtual

Oxford House of Music's Clint Jordan with music student Makenzie Clark.

Oxford House of Music, a lessons studio in Oxford, Mississippi, has closed its doors and switched to online music instruction to meet the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.

Owner Clint Jordan, along with his team of five instructors, uses FaceTime and Zoom to connect with nearly 50 lesson program students each week, ages 6 to 70.

“I am so tickled they decided to hang in there with mecbecause they could have quit,” said Jordan, who has been running the studio for more than 15 years. “I’m trying to do everything to make it as pleasant of an experience as possible.”

So far, student response has been positive, according to Jordan, who teaches guitar, piano, bass, mandolin and

harmonica lessons. “I think the youngins are glad they’re doing something other than school work online,” he said. “I have a good rapport with my students. I try to make them laugh, alleviate some of the heaviness of all this. That’s really what music’s about.”

Jordan plans to continue teaching lessons virtually for the foreseeable future and encourages other lesson studios to increase their web presence.

“Increase your web presence because that’s where people are right now,” he said. “You might as well take advantage of the fact that you have a captive audience, quite literally. That’s what I intend to do.”

When asked if he has any other words of wisdom, Jordan said, “This business is about ebb and flow. Do the best you can right now. Don’t lose hope.”

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