June 17, 2020 I Acquisition

Orange Amps Seeks Help Finding Rare Effect Pedals

Orange Amplification is seeking assistance on its website and social media in finding copies of its Phazer, Sustain and Distortion pedals in order to reissue them.

Orange manufactured the pedals in its U.K. Bexleyheath factory between 1977 to 1979. They are now difficult to find.

After seeing Orange users share images of various pedals, fans on Orange’s Facebook page requested Orange reissue them. Mick Dines, who has been with the company since the early 70s, has found the original schematics for all three pedals and passed those onto the company’s current designer, Ade Emsley. However, Orange have not been able to find the actual physical pedals and feels it needs them to properly reissue the pedals.

The company is looking to reissue the pedals with upgraded internals but it needs to find examples of the actual pedals to gather information about the exact size and dimensions of the original pedals.

In an email, Orange asks: “Is there anyone out there who owns and still uses a much-loved 1970s Orange Amps Phazer, Sustain or Distortion effect pedals?” Anyone responding yes is urged to contact Orange on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through the Orange website.


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