November 10, 2023 I Anniversary

Martin Guitars Celebrates 190th Anniversary

Chris Martin, fourth from left, recently celebrated his family company's 190th anniversary in New York City.

C. F. Martin & Co. (Martin Guitars) celebrated its 190th anniversary by hosting a special event at the location of C. F. Martin’s original workshop in New York City. This historic site is now memorialized with a bronze plaque at 196 Hudson Street on the corner of Hudson and Vestry Streets in the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

“Six generations and 190 years is a milestone for any family business,” said Chris Martin, executive chairman of the company. “If you look at the logo on the headstock of our guitars, it says ‘C.F. Martin & Company, Established 1833.’ It’s the ‘& Company’ that has been as important as [the] family ownership. I want to thank all of the generations of Martin co-workers who have helped to keep my family’s business in business.”

Martin executives and friends gathered on Hudson Street to honor the company’s history and vision for the future. It was followed by a celebratory dinner at Tribeca restaurant Locanda Verde.

In honor of the 190th anniversary, Martin Guitar has introduced the limited edition D-19 190th Anniversary — a guitar that pays tribute to tradition, while embracing innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

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