May 01, 2023 I Event

Mapex Begins ‘May Is for Mapex’ Month-long Gear Promotion

For the second year in a row, Mapex Drums, in partnership with retailers across the U.S., has rolled out the month-long “May is for Mapex” promotion with brand-wide discounts on all Mapex gear.

“‘May is for Mapex’ has become a yearly tradition,” said Jeff Mulvihill, Mapex brand manager. “What started as a post-pandemic supportive promotion has grown into a custom that we are proud of. Supporting pro drummers, students, collectors and hobbyists through the music retail community is what ‘May is for Mapex’ is all about.”

In line with International Drum Month, declaring “May is for Mapex” is intended to give retailers a boost, while keeping the drummer community growing.

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