September 02, 2020 I Obituary

Manji Suzuki, Chairman and Founder of Suzuki Musical Instrument, Has Died at 97

Manji Suzuki, chairman and founder of Suzuki Musical Instrument, died peacefully at the age of 97 on August 21.

 Suzuki began building harmonicas, and in 1952 founded Suzuki Musical Instrument. He later founded several other musical instrument companies.

In the late 1980s, Suzuki purchased the Hammond and Leslie brands, to bring the Hammond B-3 into the next century, which led to the rebirth of this instrument. He brought the world a whole series of innovative and beautiful musical instruments, resulting in a resurgence of the Hammond Legend.

“Suzuki established a unique position for Suzuki and Hammond instruments in Japan and kept an open eye for the world,” his company wrote in a press statement. “His inspiration, spirit and influence reaches all over the globe. So many creative artists, professional musicians and home players are indebted to him.”

A private funeral was held by the family members on August 24.

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